Did you know that the global aviation industry produces around 2% of all human-induced carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and produced 91 million tonnes of CO2 in 2019? With air traffic catching up to pre-Covid levels, and our team starting international travel again, it was important for us to make our own contribution to mitigate climate change.

Shockform pledges to plant trees

Our answer to renewed air travel and augmentation of CO2 emissions? Shockform pledges to plant trees to compensate CO2 emissions created by international travel of its team members. In addition, for each product sold, one tree will be planted as well.

We will be accountable. Our engagement starts on Earth Day,  April 22, and we will publish the result of our compensation efforts at each year end.  In order to demonstrate our engagement, we have already donated 100 trees. And how about you? Will you be joining our efforts to mitigate climate change?

Shockform’s products become greener 

The new Spiker®-ES comes with an embedded E-Strip®, the latest innovation from Shockform to measure the peening intensity in real-time. Even better! The patented E-Strip® sensor is meant to replace the metallic Almen strips used in millions by OEMs, MROs and MCOs for intensity measurement and verification.

In fact, using Almen strips is expensive and time-consuming since it requires peening of several metal strips at different times to generate a saturation curve, and then identify the intensity.

By using the E-Strip®, this procedure is eliminated. When replacing the Almen strip with an electronic sensor, the impact force of the peening process is electronically recorded and sent to a computer to calculate the value of the intensity. 
The time savings are obvious – and less use of Almen strips will result in fewer CO2 emissions from their production, transportation and handling. The planet will thank you.

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SHOCKFORM  at  MRO AMERICAS, Dallas, April 26-28, 2022

We are very much looking forward to meeting you during the show!  Our calendar is filling up quickly, so please send a quick email to Brigitte Labelle or Christian Goyer for booking an appointment. It will be their pleasure to discuss your needs for repairing metallic structures and engines efficiently and safe.

Come and visit us at booth 1800.

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Shockform is a women-owned company present in major aerospace hubs in North-America, Europe and Asia. It has developed a unique expertise and an innovative approach to repair metal surfaces with specialized mobile equipment allowing to fulfill its mission: quality, productivity and safety for all shot peening processes.