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FlapSpeed® PRO for Rotary Flapper Peening

The new completely re-designed FlapSpeed® PRO offers many significant improvements over our older models. The most notable improvement is the incorporation of a saturation curve solver in the control software. Generating a saturation curve to ensure proper intensity has never been easier and faster.

FlapSpeed® PRO Documentation – pdf

FlapSpeed® PRO Product Overview – video

FlapSpeed® PRO – 1/5 – Introduction, Features and Connections – video

FlapSpeed® PRO – 2/5 – Operation – video

FlapSpeed® PRO – 3/5 – Flapper Peening Technique – video

FlapSpeed® PRO – 4/5 – Intensity Verification – video

FlapSpeed® PRO – 5/5 – Output File & Setup – video

Spiker®-ES Needle Peening for Controlled Pneumatic Needle Peening

The Spiker®-ES has been developed with aero engines manufacturers for repairs directly on the engine with no risk of Foreign Object Damage (FOD). With the Spiker®-ES, peening is performed using tungsten carbide needles while the process parameters are continuously monitored, controlled and recorded. Equipped with the E-Strip®, a sensor for real-time peening intensity measurement.

Spiker®-ES Product Overview – pdf

Spiker®-ES Product Overview – video

SMARTPEEN® for Controlled Manual Peening

The SmartPeen® kit makes manual peening much faster and easier. Simply select the recipe from a list and the system will bring the pressure and media flow rate to the desired intensity. No more fiddling with the parameters before starting your work. Save precious time every day.

PDF Documentation

Smartpeen, Short Product Overview – video

martpeen, Long Product Overview – video

The E-Strip® Intensity Measurement Sensor

The E-Strip® intensity measurement sensor is the next revolution in peening. Upgrade your intensity measurement and verification process to an easier, faster, better and greener electronic version.

E-Strip® product overview – video

Digital Optical Micrometer for Damage Assessment

The 8400K Optical Micrometer is practical, affordable, improves safety and reduces costs. It is an indispensable tool for applications where tolerances apply to the depth of surface damage.

PDF Documentation

Digital Optical Micrometer video

InspectView™ 20/20 for Surface Inspection

InspectView™ is a portable visual inspection digital camera that is affordable, easy to use, and provides outstanding performance.

PDF Documentation

Almen Intensity

We stock the very best Almen Strips and Gages in the Industry. We offer you less variability and therefore less wasted time. Please call us for more information, for a quote or for some free expert advice.

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