Landing Gear Solutions

The Landing Gears sector uses our flagship product: FlapSpeed® Pro the most. This simplifies their procedures and saves them time and money with the low investment cost.

Landing Gear Solutions:

The popularity of FlapSpeed® Pro on landing gear, wheel and brake components has made it a must-have tool recognized by most operators and builders today.

Using the FlapSpeed® Pro simplifies procedures, save time and provides peace of mind thanks to its great control, ergonomics and reliability.  Certain manufacturers repair specifications (Boeing, Airbus) no longuer require the use of Almen strips when using the FlapSpeed® Pro.  This results in a considerable time saving and a welcomed reduction in the costs of consumables.

We provide training on the flapper peening process that allows you to maximize the use of your equipment while taking full advantage your process and repair techniques including the mysterious Almen strips and Saturation curves.  We are the number 1 experts on the market.

Actors: Héroux Devtek, Safran Landing Systems, Collins Aerospace.